Learning About Learning

I attended an industry event and one of the board of directors was so proud to announce learning activities that focused on new technology and practices that we need as we navigate the future of work. I was mildly interested in the line up of programs but I was struck by how we prioritize building hard skills versus those that would help us think about how to be in a rapidly shifting world. 

Maybe I was hoping that there also would be initiatives that would teach people not just about conceptual AI and machine learning but about empathy and mindfulness in the context of these. I’d love to be taught how to learn better in this perpetually shifting age. I am excited to listen to people talk about ways of thinking and decision making as they critically wrestle with these new realities. I would clamor for discussions around why we do what we do and how clarifying our intent allows us to learn clearly as well. 

I just feel that we need to learn more about the stuff that make us human and not just those that we think will protect us from obsolescence. What we need to put our best work on are those that are lasting and universal. It all seems so vague, hazy and up there but I do think that it is important to always keep these as the main focus of our productivity and constantly try to understand why we do the things we do and why we strive to be better at work, play and life in general everyday.

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