Being a Mench 

I chanced upon a podcast entitled “Think, Have Fun and be a Mench”. It delved into one’s desire to learn new things, to engage with the world fully and to bring the full self in all that one does. I’d like to live this way everyday and thus I’m embracing this as my own mantra. Plus it has my own name on it. 

But what is a “mench”? It actually is a Yiddish term for a good person. It is someone you would want to be close friends with. Or at work, she is a trusted colleague. It connnotes a person with compassion, a positive energy that just draws people in. I’d like to be this person, striving to act always with goodness and kindness. Not the easiest thing to do but it’s good to have this as a constant focus. 

Interestingly, being a mench is also about shedding the ego and instead thinking of the other. It is not about me but you. There is also a shifting from the “I” to the “We”. It is when we also see the goodness that one has to offer that we understand better, becoming emphatic individuals who see things beyond their own struggles. I say it is interesting because it is only when we let go of the self that is perpetually grasping and holding that we fully find ourselves and more so as we use our energy to give to another. So yes, I’d like to be a mench every day. 

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