The Happylist Project 

A couple of days ago, I woke up with a start. It was 3am. I felt like I had a genuine eureka moment with a new idea of bringing forth my full self in all that I do.  I quickly scribbled my thoughts on a piece of paper before the inspiration escapes me. Then I suddenly remembered a project of mine from two years back. I called it the BucketlistManila Project. Revolving around the theme of creating microadventures wherever we find ourselves in, I recall pitching it to different people to just check whether it made business sense. At that time I honestly was just excited with the idea more than the business side of things.

But this most recent iteration of the project that came to me in the wee hours of the morning makes a lot of sense in the context of my current state and direction. I am in the travel business and presently experimenting with different ways to grow it. I also love to do all kinds of travel- solo trips, couple getaways, traveling with little kids, barkada excursions, business travel. I also like to share thoughts on travel. I constantly daydream about where to go and line up the places that I’d like to explore. And so I want to put together all these interests and curiosities into something worth doing. 

Hence the Happylist Project. It is essentially about making a Happylist of curated experiences easily accessible and affordable to our client base. The term “happylist” is a playful spin on the bucketlist and connotes something that you can choose to do for the sake of being happy! Now who wouldn’t want that?  It is also an experiment of using relevant and interesting  content to drive engagement and ultimately conversions.  This idea gives me so much joy because it is a manifestation that we can weave our seemingly diverse interests and passions into a wonderful and energizing intersection. Ikigai is what the Japanese call it – the juncture of passion, purpose and profit. For now I call it my happylist project. Excited to see this through. 

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