Tuning In To Your Frequency

Today I spent an entire day doing everything yoga. I chose to do those that I have not experienced yet as a way to fuse newness in a practice that I do almost everyday. I like these juxtapositions. I like paying attention to these things that I like. I learned this morning that this is part of tuning on to your individual frequency. I like this too.

Each one of us is an embodiment of energy and we all exude our unique vibration. It is different for each and we have to be well aware of what moves our frequency. We are solely responsible for this, ultimately in charge of what makes us happy and what imbues us with meaning. Tuning in also means taking stock of those that no longer resonate with our own. We should always ask, “Is this who I am?”. If the answer is no, then let go. Seems a little harsh but we gotta just discard anything that no longer serves our energy but depletes and leeches off it. This goes for people too. When we tune in, we say yes to those that make us happy and no to those that don’t. Seems simple but sometimes we forget our role as stewards of our wellbeing.

Taking responsibility of our frequency also means doing whatever it takes to nurture ourselves. This can come in many forms since we should deliberately choose our own self care. Part of looking after our own welfare is also acknowledging the presence of our inner critic, not pushing it away but just taking note that it is there. By doing so we treat it with respect and then can graciously deal with it. Only when we deal with ourselves this way will we truly be on the path to find our best and most authentic  selves. And what is this self? The happy self who emerges as the winner amidst the uncertainty and chaos that surround her. Now who wouldn’t want to be on this road?I’d like to sign up for this journey every single day.

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