On Friendships

They say friendships are special because it is entirely voluntary. You are not required nor contractually bound by any agreement to be with this person. You choose to share moments and memories despite not being related by blood. You trust enough to tell her your most vulnerable details, even those you wouldn’t share with a spouse or a sibling. Friendships are precious that way.

It is also because of this reason that friendships are quite tenuous. It can just fall off if left unattended and taken for granted. Time spent on each other is the water that keeps the wellspring of friendship. There are some though that stay relatable despite the distance, standing the test of time. But really it will never be the same as it was, when time was wasted on each other. 

Friendships are also vulnerable because if it suddenly does not work out maybe because context, priorities or even perspectives have shifted we are not sure if we can just leave it altogether or just stick it out. There are no hard ties to obligate you so why would you stay. But at the same time, breaking up with a friend is not something that we often encounter. Because it entails a giving of the self, perhaps that’s the reason why I have just a handful of close friendships. I’d like to offer freely and wholeheartedly to a few than to give bits and pieces to many. To the few that I have, I am committed to sharing fully despite the time, distance and circumstance. 

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