Blind Spots

I literally have a blind spot. My left eye has diminished vision that was caused by the string of ailments that have affected me for the past month. It’s such a downer but the good thing is that it didn’t happen together with all the past weeks’ body quirks. I’m not sure I would’ve  been able to handle it with grace.   Now that I am on a deliberate wellness journey, I’m just doing everything I can to be fully well. 

This condition has also prompted me to ponder on my blind spots.  I’ve always considered myself as a relatively self-aware individual, quite reflective and introspective. So I know that my doggone determination sometimes hovers on irrationality. When I really want something I do my darndest to achieve it. On one end it is great but I also make illogical choices as a result . I don’t get to think things through when I am fixated and could end up unhinged or imbalanced. This was how I learned to survive, hence a go to crutch even if there is a smarter and more sensible way to get at it. 

It’s good to be aware of these tendencies. We don’t brush them off entirely because these are part of our make up as an individual. Yes it opens us to vulnerability but it is also this  brokenness that makes us human. We instead embrace it and take it on squarely. One writer likens it to asking someone out for tea to have a real conversation. I like this imagery, it is one of acceptance and openness. I’ll remember to just hang out with my blind spots and impulses when they get out of hand. 

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