Articulating Your Message 

I spent three consecutive days last week sharing about lessons on passion and purpose. I say yes to these things even if I find myself nervous and scared because i genuinely would like to share my story in case it might resonate and hopefully inspire someone in the audience. That is what drives me to get better at it. I felt that my delivery of the message could be articulated in a much better way. 

I want to work on this. I mulled over the performance of the past few days and I couldn’t help but feel that  I could’ve done better in my presentations. I felt that I still need to clarify my message further. At first I thought it was ego and the need to look good in front of everyone. Upon careful introspection I realized that I wanted to speak with more clarity because I wanted the message get across more clearly. It is by itself the intent and I have to do my utmost to deliver it excellently. 

For this, practice and preparation are necessary, the same in running, training and life in general. There is no other way but to say yes to every opportunity to share and to speak. I believe this is part of my calling, to offer my stories wholeheartedly in the same way that I have listened intently to people as they have shared and inspired me with theirs. I’d love to take this on and vow to give more of myself in every articulation of my life lessons. 

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