The Call to be Well

I had a lot to reflect on over the past few days with all the conversations and discussions that I was happy to be part of. It centered on various topics but these seemed to converge on the theme of striving to be well on the path towards one’s full self. This particularly resonates with me as I work towards being fully healthy so I can serve others better. 

After one of these conversations I went on a long walk just mulling over what I heard and experienced. A part of me was elated to have been part of these but another part was frustrated that I have to expend part of my energy to struggling with my eye problem instead of it being focused on what was happening . While these thoughts  flowed through my head I was surprised to bump into our first ever intern in my company. He seemed stressed but he lit up when he saw me. He was so happy that he hugged me tightly. Tears welled up in my eyes seeing how someone was so overjoyed to see me. My resolve to become fully well became so much stronger. 

Witnessing how this young boy’s spirits lifted as I shared my energy with him made me realize that a lot of people depend on me. This thought did not leave me pressured and heavy with guilt nor responsibility. It comforted me and gave me an assurance that I am where I should be but that I need to work towards being fully okay so I can take on this role with all that I am.  The call to be well is at the same time a reminder of my call to leadership and excellence. And this is the reason why I am embarking on a brief solo trip to just detox and dedicate all my energy to healing my body and my mind. I look forward to three full days of doing nothing but this. 

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