Sharing Your Enthusiasm 

When I talk to people about what I am doing I can’t help but brim with excitement. This particularly shows when I speak to both clients and employees. I’d like to think that the energy that I exude and share is infectious, this is good for business. But more than this I believe that when people see someone bringing her full self in the work that she does they too would like to strive to find this space in their lives. More people wholeheartedly living is good for the world. 

Sharing your enthusiasm is a genuine kind of giving. It is a generous opening that invites others to also offer their true selves and be present in that exact interaction. There is nothing like the magic that springs from an authentic effort of reaching out to one another, treating with kindness and compassion. It is also a gentle kind of giving, no pressure to the other and fully understanding that this way of being is not always that easy for everybody. It is being mindful that not everyone will be in this state but still choosing to give freely. 

This way of sharing becomes second nature if we believe that all that we are longing and grasping for is right here, right now. It is not in some far away future nor has it been left behind in the past. Presence is key to fully giving. It is when we choose to embrace our current reality will we truly embody that which we strive and hope for. 

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