Continual Mindfulness 

Today’s reading of excerpts from the book A Life of One’s Own prompted a deep reflection on what a life led with continual mindfulness means. Lately I tend to forget how to live like this. It’s good to be reminded. In fact keeping this in mind is a practice in itself. It is important because this is a way of living guided by what’s here and now  while at the same time moved by the compass of discovering one’s most authentic self in one’s life work. 

How to get back on track then? I’ll start with having a hold again of my mornings, deliberately taking time to ease into the day, with rituals that clarify the day’s direction. It is also asking myself what the most important things are so I may focus my energy on these. Writing daily will help as well. It is also about reflecting as I do and not simply about going through the motions of habits and to do’s. The practice of self-reflection helps in crystallizing those things that genuinely give us our daily joys. 

I would like to be keen to these instances of happiness. I want to remember moments where I am most myself, not straining or grasping to be how I (and others) think I should be but just being. A bit philosophical but I think each one of us has a sense of this state of the genuine self. It is when we let go of ourselves and experience fully that we have a more intimate understanding of it. It starts with a daily choice of presence in what we do, a dose of continual mindfulness everyday. 

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