Always Learning 

I’ve been using the tag #alwayslearning for the past weeks. Perhaps because I’m going through a hyper learning phase with the knowledge that there is so much more that I don’t know in the space where I want to grow and thrive.  I really do feel like a newbie fumbling and figuring my way around.  This realization would normally leave me grasping and straining as I try hard to seem to get it. But lately I have been  able to manage to be less so, okay that I don’t have ready answers when asked about certain matters. 

At work I see this everyday especially now that a pivot may be necessary to get ourselves to the next level. I have been actively seeking experts, advisors and whoever smart friend I can talk to just to give me perspective. I do know though that ultimately it is on me and my team to distill everything and chart our direction. If before I needed to be right, now I just need to know the next few steps and believe that we will be on the right track somehow. 

So every interaction and experience is a way to learn, a way to get to the next step. Sometimes that is all that matters at the moment. To see progress no matter how minute is fuel for us to keep moving forward.  But it can only ignite if we choose to see each as avenues of growth. The spark of a yes has to be constantly stoked, everyday. 

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