Rest and Respite

The past days have been a little tough as I try to wrestle for clarity in the work that I do. The process I typically go through to learn and to understand better includes gaining perspectives from different people. I seek out experts and people I trust, asking them what they think and how they view things. But this process is mentally exhausting as much as it is enriching. The process of distilling and then deciding adds to the overall fatigue.

But as an entrepreneur there is no other way but to face this struggle head on. These difficulties won’t go away, we just get used to them as we get stronger and hopefully wiser. However, since it is a long game, it is important to guard our energy. Same as in training, periods of rest should be deliberately woven into our week. For me it is not a day off but it is having some downtime to let thoughts settle and roam freely in the subconscious. This unstructured part of learning may seem passive but it is when connections are made.

Apart from rest, having a respite has been an anchor of sanity. Coming home to someone who I can talk to and bounce off my lingering worries with is my ultimate respite. Even as I brood in my cold silence and defensiveness, there is so much comfort in knowing that I am in a safe space. My exhaustion is palpable but it’s a great thing that my oasis remains strong and real.

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