Everyday Learning

I’m currently fascinated with crypto currency and it’s underlying technology, Blockchain. I’m not a technical person nor am I hardcore learner who would geek out over the details. What I crave for is a genuine understanding and appreciation so that my mind opens up to possibilities of use. I believe this wave of innovation will cause a major shift and I’d like to ride this high and hard. For some reason I think this will shape my future too.

That is why I am learning it the best way I know how, by listening and by consuming content everyday. I treat it similarly as I would treat my training, except this time I am training my mind to absorb all that it can about this technology. If there is one thing I learned from sports, it is the possibility of acquiring new skills by following a program and showing up everyday for it. I want to commit to learning this way too.

I’m such a newbie all over again but I like being in a state of seeing things with a fresh set of eyes. I’ve always thrived in the fringes anyway, happy to have a different perspective. Just like in training I look forward to working with a coach, a mentor who will get me up to speed. I was reminded recently that I assimilate best by listening so I’ve started self coaching by downloading as many podcast episodes on this topic. I have friends who know about this space so I will keep listening to these coaches.

I am excited to learn again, curious about a lot of things and obviously naive about so many more. But I’m not scared that I do not know a lot. I am just happy that my mind is open, learning every single day.

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