Run Towards Something

This post was inspired by an email newsletter by James Altucher.

Running has always stood for more than just a sport for me. It symbolises passion, striving for excellence and showing up everyday. Today it means running towards something. It is bravely plodding on towards a purpose that may not even be certain or for you. It is choosing to do so anyway because it is part of your path now, tied up with your process.

I would like to choose to run towards those that I would’ve shied away from, the hard, uncertain and uncomfortable paths. And I’d like to so too towards those I am curious about, and more so towards those that make me happy. When I choose to run this way, I choose myself. I choose growth.

I feel that I’ve been going through a hyper growth stage lately. Maybe it’s a call to step up the game, to speed up and run faster. But I don’t want to simply look at it this way. This notion leaves me grasping and straining. I’ve seen how I falter when this happens. I’d rather look at it as the world opening itself to welcome and teach me as I run towards it, saying yes to whatever it has in store. It is taking it all in and being fully present as the world reveals itself.

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