Always Two Sides

We all have a way of looking at things, based on our context, experience and what has worked for us in the past. I have this tendency to succumb to my usual lens but lately I have been training myself to consider that there are at least two sides to everything. One interpretation might bother us or even hurt us that we end up harboring negative feelings. But if seen from a different light it may actually be a source of grace, and even joy.

Is it stoicism at work, I’m not sure because it is not just about accepting what is but even actively seeking an alternative perspective altogether. I like to frame it as “considering”, because it alludes to a certain openness and curiosity. It also brings to mind the idea of a possibility and this appeals to me. Sometimes it’s easier to accept something if you say, “how about we just consider the possibility of x”.

That gentle nudge to at least give an idea some time of day brings with it a sense of liberation instead of a struggle. There is comfort in being able to say that at least we have tried. I believe too that there is energy and sometimes even genius in succumbing to a genuine curiosity. By allowing, we open ourselves to a kind of living that flourishes rather than strains. This indeed is living generously, a way that is kind to oneself and to others. I’d like to try to live like this each day.

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