The Low Bar of Happiness

Tomorrow I will embark on yet another experiment of increasing happiness levels. It doesn’t take much to make me happy and lately I realised that I am currently at my happiest. But I am also at my most complex, with more layers comprising my state of wellbeing. So I’m curious how I can pare down a bit on these and perhaps increase my happiness by a little bit more.

I’ve always been a proponent of tiny tweaks, little adjustments or actions that contribute to long term and permanent gain. So I was so excited when I heard about happiness habits that you can do under two minutes for 21 days that have been scientifically proven to nudge happiness levels a notch up. I like it when they called these practices the low bar of happiness because really these small increments add up to an overall sense of contentment.

Gratefulness and meaning lie at the heart of the practice. The first one involves thinking about 3 new things per day that your are grateful for. It is as if you are creating positive building blocks to surround you, creating a resilient and happy moat. The second one is about remembering one meaningful experience per day and journaling every detail you remember about this moment. Doing so allows us to both visualise and etch this in our memory, as of building a happiness reservoir that we can draw from anytime.

This practice of fortifying and filling up both support a third practice of not minding whether the glass is half full or half empty. It no longer is a choice to view things either way but instead we take on a lens that clearly sees that that there is a pitcher of life that we can always refill from. It is a steadfast faith that our world and our selves are wellsprings of meaning and value that constantly fill the cup. So let the practice begin!

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