2018 Practice

I originally wanted to make the title of this post “2018 Experiments” then I realised that most of the things I want to do for this coming year are iterations of existing practice. I like it this way. I’ve always been a proponent of tiny tweaks over grand shifts and it has worked in terms of giving me lasting, sustained benefits. Even as I go for the big goals, it still is about the process of getting there and less about being overly fixated with the objective. This year, I broke down the quarters into the following- building blocks, building support, strengthening support and going for the audacious. These are tied to quarterly milestones that are tied to daily practices that are tied to rituals and routines. To use this framework for my goal of learning more about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, it will look something like this:

  • Crypto-a-day content consumption practice
  • Subscribe to weekly digest from reliable online sources.
  • Do weekly Coursera course that I enrolled into
  • Bi-weekly curiosity conversations with crypto people/entrepreneurs
  • Read one crypto-dedicated book per month
  • Develop a network of advisors from this space by the end of quarter one.

It may seem like a lot of things to do but if it is broken down into bite-sized chunks and infused into a daily habit it would be very doable. This is how I learn and do best. The iteration to previous practice is the addition of deliberate conversations instead of just self learning. I discovered recently that I absorb information better by listening so I’d like to do more of this. So the practice of showing up for that which we want to make part of our lives continues. The new year is but a reminder to keep doing as we iterate to suit our evolving selves.

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