Hustle, Rhythm & Flow

I like to continue this theme for the year. It speaks of a cycle of hard work and ease that taps into one’s natural rhythm. It’s been this way for me for the past few years and just like everything that comes my way, it wasn’t always carefully planned. Organised chaos is how it’s has been, deliberate about some aspects and free flowing for the rest. The rigor supports the spontaneity and even allows it to flourish further.

I’m bracing myself for the hustle and I know it will be a challenging year. Unlike before where the thought would make me cringe with sheer anxiety, the notion excites and energises me. Maybe because my mind and heart are in the right place. I know that I am where I ought to be, doing what I should be doing, at this exact moment. My headspace isn’t filled with what-ifs but more of what now and what is. This makes a whole world of difference to my psyche.

To support this, flow is what I aspire to work on so I can perform at my best every single day and not just when I feel like it. This goes for each of the roles that I play. Always fully bringing my energy and rhythm in all that I do. For me it is best achieved when I am not required to choose between one or the other but can just bring both or flow freely from one to the other. Nothing forced, just rhythmically moving forward, progressing with each step.

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