Being Human

There’s so much excitement happening around technology now. From AI to blockchain to cryptocurrencies. Everyone’s abuzz trying to see how they can ride these waves hard. There is FOMO if you get left behind since these major shifts only happen once in a lifetime. It is easy to be caught in the mad rush especially if you desire being at the heart of this change. Hence the vigilance to know what is most important and true should be much stronger. We should not lose our humanity amidst the tumble.

More than ever, we should constantly ask ourselves what it is to be human and how we can strengthen our connectedness with and compassion for each other. The default is to succumb to what is happening, losing control and agency of what we truly hold dear. Sometimes we don’t even stop to ask what is of utmost importance to us and just plod on day after day on this rat race. Taking a pause to ponder might be the best gift we could give to ourselves so we can take stock of our lives, reset and deliberately choose to live with wholeness and intention.

My upcoming trip is a timely pause from the everyday. I know that I am at the cusp of something and I want to ride this momentum and shape the next decades of my life. But I also know that I need to be reminded of what is most vital. The first half is about connections and curiosity conversations. It will be about seeking out thought leaders and like-minded individuals who my best friend and I can learn from. The second part is an On Gathering retreat to talk about poetry, philosophy and discourse about what makes us human. It is a much needed turning point to a next phase and I look forward to the grappling and growing that is upcoming.

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