Just Showing Up

I cringe at the thought of just winging it. I’m not an anal planner but neither am I the throw-it to-the-winds type. I like to have some semblance of organisation to at least get the bases covered. So I felt a bit flustered as I faced women who I invited to a learning session. I was leading the discussion about a topic that I am totally a newbie on. I chose to do so because I felt it was a very good way to learn. It was unnerving and I was struggling to explain the most basic things. What was clear was that I needed more practice.

Sometimes we have to show up even before we are ready. This weekend’s experience of just getting right into the job is my way of pushing beyond the edges. I personally gave myself a 6/10 from a delivery standpoint but I allowed myself higher marks for just getting started. Movement gives clarity on what to do next and how to move forward.

So I’ll convene another session next month and between now and then I just have to practice distilling the concepts in my head and have conversations around this. Not to look better in front of others but to make sure that I make their showing up worth their while. In the process I learn faster and appreciate the inner workings of this exciting industry I am trying to understand. So the call to plod on continues to toll.

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