Kindness First

I was brooding from an episode of perceived affront. I say perceived because upon close reflection I may have exaggerated the situation in my head. To blow off steam I walked off and kept muttering to myself that I won’t take shit from anyone anymore. I reminded myself to ask for what I need and be clear about my ask. But a voice inside me countered by saying “Choose kindness first.”

When faced with not so great situations, those that are not to our liking, we tend to act defensively. This is human nature to protect ourselves either through fight or flight. I typically close off and because I do I don’t get to articulate my stand about matters. But I misunderstood the alternative to not take any BS to be a call for assertion and defensiveness. Good thing the walk did me a bit of good and allowed me to reconsider my stance. I was called to instead come from a space of possibility where people are all trying to do their best and kindness is a much better first response but to be clear in your acceptance that you also won’t tolerate any shit.

So yes I will try to choose kindness and trust that people are trying to be their best selves. It is a more abundant approach but it is imperative to be mindful to also be kind to myself so I can keep this cup overflowing. Sometimes that’s the hardest to do. I am motivated to do so because I think this is the best way to teach my children how to be in the world. There really is no other way but to be kind.

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