Leaping Before Looking

Sometimes I leap before I look. I do so when I’m faced with something that I’m obviously scared of but need to absolutely learn. Signing up for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon race even before I even knew how to swim and bike was very much like this. But what that experience gave me apart from learning these skills is the firm belief that I can still learn new things, excel in them if I put in the time. That taught me to be deliberate about my learning and skill building.

So just this week I once again signed up for something that I didn’t really know much about. I did so because I think it will push me to be a better speaker and storyteller. For this gig there is no other way but to show up front and center, sharing my entrepreneurial story. Always one to work on the sidelines, listening more to others share about themselves than speaking, this stint is definitely outside of my comfort zone. They say magic happens when you explore beyond the fringes. So let’s see. I’m hoping to sharpen my edge through this.

Saying yes to this experience is also part of a personal experiment I am conducting. I just want to flow into things instead of forcing any situation. I listen closely and flow towards my inkling. I follow movement and breath not just in exercise but also as I go through my day. So far it has kept me less frazzled and has allowed me to think more clearly. Combining this practice with the nervous energy of saying yes to new things seems like an interesting mix. So here goes….

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