The Greatest Show

I’m a wannabe performer. More specifically a frustrated dancer. This is counter to how I typically want to do my work, painstakingly at it on the sides and happy just putting in the hard work. Front and center is not my natural state and it takes out so much from me. I need full recovery after hours of this. But lately I’ve said yes to addressing a crowd and have even done improv performance to get better at this. Maybe it’s the desire to go beyond the safe and comfortable. Admittedly exploring the fringes has been a fun practice.

Our lives and how we lead it are our own performance. Some may want the fancy grand stuff while others are content with the ordinary and mundane. One is not better than the other, just a different expression and manifestation. What is universal is the attempt to stage our own versions of our truest act, of our own greatest show. There is magic in that alone.

Every year we say we would do better than the last. This may mean achieving or doing more, accomplishing things that you thought you wouldn’t be able to do. While others may want to do less of what wasn’t working for them anymore. Either way, it is the show we choose to mount and spend our energy on. We own it as much as we give it back to the world:)

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