Transcendence in the Ordinary

I was walking to work and noticed tiny yellow flowers beaming brightly against the heat of the midday sun. I remembered these flowers from my childhood, thriving in the cool mountain weather. Noticing it and remembering a memory made me smile. I had a sulky morning and so this was nice.

I detail a simple interaction like this one as a reminder to see the magic in the mundane. The poet Michael Longley beautifully refers to this as transcendence in the ordinary. The key is to deliberately see, to notice intently sometimes beyond the obvious to unravel the meaningful. Making petite discoveries everyday, in everything. “It really is not about what you are experiencing. It is about how you are with what you are experiencing. That’s where life is happening”

Heeding the call to see things through this lens is important in the face of our desire to go to places larger than ourselves, to do greater things and to be what we think are our best selves. This path is lined with voices that harp on the grand, audacious objectives, large challenges, a million big dreams. The largeness casts a shadow on the little things that are right here, right now. Listen to the echoing whisper to stop and look.

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