Deepest Desire

I meant to write about this topic after a fireside chat that left me with a stirred spirit. But I let the reflections simmer as I went through a week of validating a business direction and facing another round of pitching and hustling. I also had a week full of meaningful conversations with people who are figuring out what makes them truly happy, some taking a pause to explore and others who are in the midst of living their life’s mission. It was indeed an interesting week.

The theme of drawing energy from one’s deepest desire remained in the background then it came front and center last night as I had a surprising conversation with someone I didn’t expect to have such a meaningful connection with. She spoke in length about her mission of creating pivotal moments of compassion by putting together her unique gifts, experiences with the context that calls for her to rise and show up every single day. It was a journey that started off with an existential question- why do I have to give up all that I’ve been working on just to go back home. It was yet another reminder for me that our most fundamental learnings come to us when we make our way to where it all started out.

So in light of this week, it begs to be asked, what is my deepest desire. I am happy that the answer has remained constant for the past year, and yet am mindful that this may evolve over time. What drives me is the desire to build an environment where people bring their fullest selves in the work that they do. I have seen this happen to me personally and to the people closest to me and so I want to make this true to more people. This is the source of my energy, starting with the people who I have invited to be part of what I am building at the moment. Everyday I choose to embody this genuine desire, shaping my decision and actions around it. Practice is the only way I know how to show up in the world and it is this same method I would do for the constant manifestation of my deepest desire.

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