Attention and Intention

As an entrepreneur you are expected to hold polar things in your head- clarity/uncertainty, optimism/pragmatism, immediate/long term. I had a conversation with a few visiting business contacts around this topic and what I got out of it is a lesson that I have discovered as well in my running, yoga practice and the habits that I try to integrate in my day to day.

The ability to hold these contrasting realities springs from a practice of attention and intention. Paying attention to what is right here and right now. Being attentive, listening intently, noticing deliberately, being present. It is when we do so that we pick up the nuances of interactions, keenly understanding motivations and therefore guided accordingly on what courses of action to take next.

Intention is the filter by which we see these little decisions with. By keeping the vision of a future as a backdrop to our ever changing and shifting daily lives we remain steadfast. If it is just simply living in the moment, we lose ourselves. Our groundedness rises from knowing what we are striving towards, what we stand for and ultimately what is most essential to us. So attention and intention come hand in hand, each one breathing meaning and reason to the other, an alchemy to thrive in our crazy rollercoaster startup life.

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