At Ease

Today I felt that I was where I should be even as it felt so surreal at the same time. I felt at ease. I normally feel nervous, clammed up whenever I am tasked to speak in front. My tummy would be in knots before pitches or any public speaking gig. But today, as I prepared to face a roomful of people for a Women in Blockchain event that I helped put together, I felt at peace. I felt that I belonged and that I had a place in this space. It was comforting.

It also felt that things were so surreal because I never imagined I would be leading such a community given that I am just getting my feet wet in this industry, learning as much as I can every day. I am jumping right in, embracing it and just showing up as best as I can. What made it extra surreal was being part of a panel with someone considered as one of the most influential people in crypto. This never crossed my mind as a possibility.

This ease may be coming from a genuine interest in the women who are curious to see how they too can find their place in this space. One of the things I am super passionate about is helping people bring their fullest selves in the work that they do and I think these women came because they wanted to explore how their unique strengths can come into play in this new era of technology. Funny how the word Ikigai was brought into the conversation today. I believe I am at ease because I am slowly discovering my own ikigai and a big part of this is helping others discover theirs . Excited to see how this will unfold for me. In the mean time I’ll revel and stay at ease with the surreal:)

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