Figuring Things Out

I’m sitting quietly by myself at a coffee shop, mulling over the challenges that I have to hurdle past. Then a song with the line “you’ll figure it out” pipes in. The universe really does know how to talk to you and you just gotta stay keen and listen. I wonder though whether it will throw in an extra set of clues to help me in figuring things out.

What is clear is that I feel strongly about that which I have to fight for. The work that I do and the people who work with me are all worth struggling for. This clarity leaves me feeling reassured but also pressured to not let them down. It’s interesting that when one ceases to think only of the self, one gets closer to a self that is fuller and expansive. You realize you have the capacity to bear more and be more.

As I am called to figure things out, I know that I may have to do the hard things that I don’t want to do. I may have to ask for help and I am just not used to that. I have always been one to fend off for myself. Being independent and self-sufficient is how I’ve always operated in the world. It honestly is painful for me to seek assistance because I always have been one to figure things out. But maybe this time the way to sort out the path forward is to ask for help.

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