Oh Little Heart

This week my tiny heart went through a beating. The highs and lows were a bit too much. I feel raw just reeling from the ebbs and flows. I’m honestly still getting used to this type of a ride but I see it as a practice of strengthening. The changes in heart frequency hones and conditions it. Framing it this way doesn’t make it any easier though.

To cap it all off, my Manila-bound flight was suspended in mid air for almost an hour today due to bad weather. The uncertainty was nerve wracking. As if I needed more of it in this already crazy life. Amidst all these I succumbed to open heart meditation practice for solace. It has been most helpful. I treat it as express self care made available simply by touching one’s heart center.

We all need to find these little life hacks that can serve as balm for our woes. It’s like a first aid kit that can provide ease to our effort. This self care tool box may include a mix of technique, people, practices that have been our go-to safe spaces. There is so much comfort in that.

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