Create Beauty Everyday

Often times we save our most creative works for only the most ideal of circumstances. Everything has to fall into place for inspiration to come alive. There is the belief that the muse arrives at the most opportune of moments. But I ascribe more to the practice of creating everyday, even when we don’t feel like it or rather more so when we don’t feel like it.

This is the hard work that goes into art. It is combined with luck and talent, both of which we do not have full agency over. But the act of showing up is what we can control and calibrate. As we do so, we get to realise that it is not simply about what is created but more about what and who we become as we create. This is a process of self discovery as much as it is self expression.

Every creation, in whatever form, is a manifestation of a YES. It is an agreement to commit time and energy to come up with something. It is a willingness to do and to be, a kind of generosity that comes with a desire to imbue the world with value and ultimately with beauty. Willingness as a way in the world is utterly beautiful, where the default is not a rebuttal or a “but”, instead it is a “Yes and”.

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