Rehearsing to Learn

Today’s lesson comes from an interview with Adam Robinson, founder of the Princeton Review. He talks about how rehearsing is the best way to learn and get better. It is the deliberate effort to practice a skill across various circumstances, both expected and unexpected that gives us the opportunity for improvement. It is only by doing that we get better at things.

If you want to present better, do so in front of people you don’t know. If you want to do better at taking exams, do practice tests with questions that are not part of the teacher’s review questions. If you want to manage people better, constantly get feedback as you interact with your people. He also talks about learning from a single minded approach- to learn one thing and learn how to learn about it better before trying to understand other things. It’s about deliberate and focused practice.

As we live a life of learning we also live a life of constant rehearsing. We keep doing and trying what it is that we want to master until we hit our stride. It is about showing up to hone our craft everyday, applying this in all that we want to be great at, across the various aspects of our lives.

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