Consuming Content

I have been consuming as much content as I could over the past weeks. This is because I said I would embark on a year of learning. I have to be mindful though not to overly do it and get burnt out in the process. I sometimes have a tendency of just keeping at it without much thought just to say I complied with what I said I would do. It is a displaced doggedness that can just end up wearing me out.

I want to be able to enjoy and take pleasure in what I consume. Relish is the word that comes to mind. I want to pause and ponder on what I just read or listened to so I get to see how it speaks to me right now. And if it doesn’t I should give permission to myself to leave it and move to another one that sparks joy and inspiration.

A breather is also needed and I allow myself to succumb to the urge to check out social media. I’ve avoided browsing through Facebook and Instagram because they just leave me feeling envious at times as well as drowning in a lot of noise. I keep it to short bursts so I don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole and spend hours on end. I replace it instead with articles from blogs I truly admire. But just like in training and in work, ease is needed to counterbalance the effort of learning.

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