Mastering Fear

I have just finished the book Mastering Fear by Brandon Webb. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Maybe it is because I could easily relate to the stories of fear and doubt he shared in the book. I could easily be one of the characters who was struggling with being afraid and uncertain. I could also see myself using the methods he recommended as I continue to see my fear as an ally I could dance with and not overcome.

With the learning gleaned from the book, I feel that I am equipped with a ready practice I may apply when faced with the first stirrings of fear. I like having a framework that I can go to whenever I feel uncertain, it gives me comfort. From here I can breathe and navigate better with clarity. I will treat this as an essential part of my life tool kit.

We all have our fears and it is good to take stock of what these are so we can live fuller lives. I believe there is magic in lifting and letting go of the fearful lids that we constantly carry with us. There is a much better state of being that is available if we choose courage and accept fear as an essential part of our everyday. It is that nervous energy that will always remind us how great it is to be alive amidst those that matter to us.

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