Losing My Footing

I am currently reading Mastering Fear by Brandon Webb. It is one of the most riveting books I have ever read and it is non-fiction. The way it talks about fear is so palpable and relatable. One of the things that I realised while reflecting on the first few chapters is that my fears seem to follow a certain pattern. It is related to losing my footing.

I am scared to go on a headstand even after years of practice. I am uneasy doing aerial exercises that require me to not be on the ground. I am super afraid to jump off a cliff and into water although I have tried it before. I get scared of swimming when I can’t reach the base despite knowing the proper swim techniques and form. I like being grounded and feeling the earth on and with my feet. Maybe that is why I like running, it gives me a rhythmic feedback every step I take.

At work I am afraid of making a misstep. I used to scramble in the face of uncertainty but have gotten better at dealing with this. I worry when a lot of things are “up in the air”. I always like knowing that I have a safety net. In the past, most of the risks I took or the edges I explored were marked by safe spaces or boundaries.

I hope that after reading this book I get to apply the learnings immediately on one thing. I will do so with my headstand. I am particularly inspired by what Kamal Ravikant said when he was embracing his fear of swimming- “If something scares me it means there is magic on the other side.” Looking forward then to the magic from being turned upside down.

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