C’mon Let’s Go

Getting started is the hardest, in anything. It takes a lot of activation energy to move from zero to one. There will always be a ton of reasons to just coast along, going with the default. We need a large chunk of our willpower to veer from business as usual. I wonder though if this dilemma may be addressed if we just say “C’mon let’s go” even before we feel we are ready.

One can never be fully ready. There are things that ultimately are not within our control. Despite our efforts, we can only manage what we can, plan up to a certain extent, work on the process and map out possible scenarios. The outcomes are out of our hands. Knowing and accepting this as a reality will embolden us to go ahead and simply do the work.

So this adherence to the process and not the outcomes, coupled with a “let’s go” mindset, can be our working tools as we go out and create. Whatever we choose to build, these two will help us get past the fears that hold us back from the magic of making something. So , what are we waiting for? C’mon, let’s go!

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