The Process of Becoming

There is pain as we evolve and go through the process of becoming. Even as we go through that though we will never be fully ready for whatever it is that we choose to do or to be. Being perpetual works in progress is perhaps the best we can muster.

I am okay with this. It gives me a sense of comfort in the act of showing up earnestly everyday. Sometimes I don’t feel like it (just like today) and when I feel this way I try to do things that serve as balm to ease my self doubts and uncertainty. Whatever works for this work in progress is how I deal with it.

The act of keeping at it clarifies why we do what we do. The discipline and desire to get better sheds light to the sometimes unclear vision that is there but begs to be constantly discovered and sought out. The act of showing up is in itself an act of asking everyday whether we are right on track. And if we discover we aren’t, we can always shift gears. That’s what being a work in progress allows us to do so.

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