Trying to Write Again

Let’s see if I can get back to my daily writing. I recently shared about keeping my blog private with an audience and then I realized that there may be people out there who could learn from what I have to say. I got to show a friend some snippets from it and she says she was blown away by what she read. Perhaps there really is something there.

I want to keep to a certain groove first. Things have been in flux and I would like to settle into a rhythm so I can write consistently as well as do the other things I want to accomplish routinely. There are lots of things too that I need to sort out in my head so maybe the daily writing will help. This act is beneficial across multiple fronts that I just might keep at it again.

I think the writing has also helped me become the evolved version of myself, someone who is more mindful and introspective. The writing helps with discernment and serves as a dump for thoughts that are hard to process in one go. It has given me clarity and perspective. So let’s do this, even for the 7 minutes that now is my commute time.

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