Heart as Strength

Today I am grateful for a conversation I had with one of my best friends. He reminded me that my heart is my strength. Sometimes I feel that I am just working on the fluffy things – brand, narrative, relationships- without having a full grasp of metrics and the hard stuff. I sometimes doubt myself because I think that I should be better equipped as a founder.

I know what I am not good at and I surround myself with people who know better and can best teach and guide me. But perhaps I also should be guided by my own strength and what I uniquely bring to the table. It is good to be reminded that there is value in that.

So I will strengthen this heart that beats for something much larger than myself. Through genuine care for others, through work that is imbued with meaning, through commitment to relationships, through the trust that others are giving their best shot, through an earnest dedication to building a space where one can be their best self. This is how I build my best self.

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