I am going through yet another transition. It seems that I’ve gone through several. Sometimes I feel that I keep on going though these things that it gets tiring. But I also feel that it is part of the evolution that I continue to go through as part of growth. But there seems to be more emotions coursing through me this time. Perhaps it is because I also am sorting multiple layers and a multitude of experiences. So much feelings this time around.

Any transition is never easy. There could be a purging and a dying into one’s old self. There are questions that need to be grappled with. There are demons to deal with. It takes so much effort to move from one thing to another. That is why it is during these times that we also are at our most vulnerable. Transitions leave us raw to the point that we sometimes feel broken and bruised.

But from this pain rises a sense of comfort that whatever it is we transition into we can ultimately hurdle. I guess the difficulty of change prepares us for the change that eventually comes to be. Sometimes the prepping for the challenge is worst than the reality itself we are anticipating. Transitions are processes and not endpoints. The journey is part and parcel of the end goal of a new reality that we endeavor to shape and live.

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