Tuning In

The past weeks have been about tuning in. I must have spent countless quiet moments over bullet proof coffee mulling over what’s next for me. Conversations and content sought were primarily to gain clarity or validation for the inner stirrings. Professional assessments were also taken to hopefully add data points that may further shed light to the decisions to be made. Movement and physical exercise were meant to manage the psyche that had to bear the challenge of figuring one’s self all over again. Solitude and reflection in its various forms has shaped this tuning in period.

Travelling solo is a unique tuning in opportunity. Because you have to be keen and alert to all that is happening around you, senses are fully heightened. One also tends to welcome new experiences while on the road. This openness lends itself as well to discovering and considering various possibilities that one wouldn’t have otherwise thought of under routine circumstances. Insights borne from immersive moments of travel make every trip worth the time and distance. My recent excursion was definitely marked by tuning in.

Writing is also another way of clarifying muddled thoughts. There is something about putting in written words reflections that would have just been swimming in the recesses of our minds. It gives flighty thoughts the substance needed for these to be given more careful consideration. I shall do more of this writing on this blog which I set on private for the past months for fear that it may be too raw. But if the risk of sharing too much is outweighed by the value of a clearer mind and heart, then why not open it up. Perhaps there also is someone out there going through their own version of figuring out and tuning in. So I shall try to write regularly again. So tune in!

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