Shared Experiences

I like doing solo stuff and don’t mind long stretches of solitude. But there also is something special when an experience is shared with someone you love or with a small group of people you genuinely enjoy being with. The last week was filled with moments such as these so my heart is full.

An intimate wedding with the couple’s closest friends and family, a long walk with a new friend around a crazy city, a guided tour that felt more like a date with a local friend, conversations as we lingered over breakfast or as we partook copious amounts of cocktail- these are the stuff that give me joy. These add meaningful layers in our lives.

Experiences may even be asynchronous and still remain to be shared. For instance, sharing the experience of taking care of one’s wellbeing through exercise even as you are doing different workouts gives the practice more substance. This is an activity that me and my husband enjoy doing and discussing. It has added a fun dimension to our interaction. Knowing that both of you are working towards your best selves in all the facets of your life imbues long term relationship with energy.

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