Things are Relative

My husband and I had a thought exercise yesterday, thinking about what exactly we were doing ten years ago. I was a new mom, just got back to work, I was launching new properties and trying to find my footing as I was going through the transition of caring for another human being who was completely dependent on me. My husband just closed his company and started work at someone else’s. The years seemed to pass by so fast, marked by moments that are mostly unplanned. What is constant is that I always believe that we are better off every year.

This year, despite its challenges, is still better than last year. We were shifting and experiencing existential hurdles in business, ending partnerships, choosing friendships and trusting decisions made. This year we gained clarity on work that matters, distilled the themes of our lives and spent time reflecting on what we wanted to stand for. The year will end leaving us with focused questions to answer and a burning desire to align what we value with what we spend our energies and time on.

I have a few more weeks to wrap up these next steps. It feels like the year will end on a more somber and reflective note. I like this mood as we approach a crazy and hectic season. Perhaps I like it too because it gives me a flavor of how I wish to ease into the new year and how 2020 will roll out. Another year to look forward to, always much better than the last, moving forward and onward, deliberately and with increased intentionality.

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