New Leaf and Evergreens

The new year is always a time to reset. It is an opportunity to re-assess practices that one will keep and those that one will let go of. Most of the time there is a desire to do more of the new in an attempt to live each year better than the last. But there too are valuable principles that are gleaned from the past that one must do more of with the added intention of further optimising since these have been working so far.

For the coming year, a personal theme is clarity and fit. It entails an everyday practice of deliberately moving towards what I ought to be working on. It is finding the starting point and then connecting the dots as I move along. It combines actions that are still working and new ones that have resonated from my readings and research. I am putting it here as a reminder as well as part of the practice of clarifying.

  • Morning routines and meditation set my day.
  • A simple two-minute morning routine is powerful. Ask these three questions: what I am grateful for, what will I let go of and what will I focus on today.
  • Time boxing my day allows me to have the time and energy for those that matter. It forces me to choose wisely where I want to spend these two limited resources.
  • This practice feeds the work life flywheel that operates by giving your full attention and energy in one part of your life so it fuels the other parts and vice versa.
  • Work on getting to the next dot and do not be daunted by the other things and details yet. Focus your undivided attention on just hurdling this first step. Then move on to the next then to the next. One foot in front of the other.
  • Tied to this is paying close attention to the flow of each and every moment and experience.
  • Trust your own flow and intuition. There is value in that.
  • Stay curious and do stuff that you are interested in. That could lead to something.
  • Keep the fun in the practice.
  • The practice of saying “YET” after a statement that speaks of something you do not know. Eg. I am not an e-commerce person yet.
  • And because this happened to me today… Next time you feel angsty and existential, maybe you are just hungry.

So here’s to practicing all these everyday as I move towards a year of fit and clarity.

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