Living with Joy Amidst Corona

It has been almost two weeks of staying home as part of the lockdown to arrest the spread of the virus. For someone who can’t keep still, I am pleasantly surprised how I well I have fared so far. I think a big part of it is an acceptance that this is where I ought to be. Peace and joy comes amidst times of uncertainty when we embrace our present reality and not will it to be otherwise.

What has helped greatly was keeping a routine while flowing throughout the days and weeks. Below is a sample of what I call our “quaransked”:

  • 730AM – 8AM : Morning routine (meditation + 3 questions- what are you grateful for, what will I let go of, what will I focus on today)
  • 8AM-830AM: Prep simple breakfast for family; intermittent fasting for me
  • 830AM-920AM: Yoga
  • 930AM-10AM: Daily Stand Up for work
  • 10AM-1130AM: Focused work
  • 1130AM-1PM: Prep lunch/Lunch
  • 1PM-130PM: Write
  • 130PM-430PM: Focused work
  • 5PM-530PM: End of day Scrum for work
  • 6PM-7PM: HIIT with Kids (while dinner is cooking)
  • 730PM-8PM: Dinner
  • 8PM-9PM: Hour of practice/learning
  • 9PM-10PM: Hangout/read
  • MWF – Yoga/HIIT
  • TThSu – Run/Strength
  • Sat – Cleaning/chores

It has also given me joy to listen to podcasts, online learning and audio books while doing chores and going about my day. I pepper the day with these together with music and stretches of silence. The choice of what to listen to is refreshing.

It may be a challenge but carving out personal space and personal time greatly helps. The spaces in between truly make a difference in the quality of relationships of those at home together 24/7. I think I am a much better mom and wife because I get to continue to do the things that I love, do the work that I ought to do and play the roles that I ought to fulfil. Having a choice to do these things even as it feels as if we don’t does wonders to one’s psyche.

I hope to continue to write more in the next days, making it a part of practice. It has helped me in the past make sense of things. I think t is much needed in these trying times.

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