Powerful Pause

We are on week three of the Covid lockdown. A lot of people are feeling antsy from being home and having not much to do. Many are dealing with the cocktail of feelings that they would have otherwise dealt with by spending too much time at the office, by drinking too much or by working out till they’re dead tired. Going through these extremes were considered normal.

It took a pandemic to get everyone to pause from all that we busied ourselves with. It was easier to fill our calendars with stuff to do than to grapple with the questions and doubts that beset our inner lives. With more time than we can manage to fill, the quandary brims to the surface. It is unsettling.

But this pause may be perceived and reframed as a time for rest and reflection. It may be a time to heal even as a pandemic sweeps over the land. We get to mend the broken parts of ourselves so we can prepare to live more fully in a future where norms have shifted and uncertainty abounds. It is a time to brace so we can be braver. It is a time to silence our souls so we can emerge stronger and more steadfast.

Let us allow ourselves to sit quietly and listen deeply to the stirrings within us. As we do so we also get to hear the silent hum of those around us and ultimately bear witness to the rest of human kind. It is amazing how this happens while we stay where we are and share in this collective experience. So let us pause and be still even as the world around us crazily tumbles. Something shifts within us when we do so.

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