On Overthinking

The quick and time boxed writing of posts is a way for me to exercise my mind to not overthink things. I tend to take a bit of time thinking too much when there is potential risk of failure pr being perceived as not having my act together. Interestingly though a big part of my life is also lived spontaneously and sometimes impulsively. Such duality gives the flavour and fun in my day to day.

The writing allows me to move the thoughts into paper or another medium , a way of clarifying as much as it is a way to free up the headspace. Moving the thoughts elsewhere also gives it the “otherness” that makes it “not me” and therefore may be viewed with objectivity and detachment. It also is an act of doing so it feels like a step undertaken to get closer to further clarity or validation.

So when I feel that I am overthinking, I’ll just write or do something else. The doing something else gives the subconscious some space to rest. It is in this momentary pause that movement happens. The struggling tightens the gears that allows the forward motion. Casting the thinking aside for a while gives our being the much needed release.

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