Love of Wine

I used to just drink wine. It was all the same to me just differentiated as red, white, rose or sparkling. It served the purpose of getting that buzz without the bloating that comes from beer or the calories from cocktails. But as I drank I also started to discover its nuances. So a newfound curiosity was born.

Wines have stories. They represent the hard work and decisions that the winemakers and workers painstakingly carried out to bring to market a wine with specific characteristics. It also is a story of the land and the factors that make a grape grow and ripen the way they do. It is snapshot of a place at a specific time in history. This is what makes wine fascinating for me.

I love beautiful narratives that tell me more about why things are the way they are. Wines are woven with these tales. There is depth and breadth in the story of wines. I know that I am merely scratching the surface of this curiosity. The thirst to know more is a pleasure as i uncork new insights a bottle at a time.

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