When Someone is a Burden

I generally get along well with people. There seems to be an ease to when dealing with others. They say I naturally exude warmth that makes them gravitate towards me. A good thing I guess given that I am an introvert.

There is someone though who I struggle to be with. I am constantly bracing myself whenever I am interacting with this person. There always are mixed feelings of annoyance, defensiveness, irritation, incredulousness- such heavy and tight responses. It must be layers upon layers of history, mostly challenging ones.

There is an intent to be more patient and loving toward this individual but my actions speak otherwise. Perhaps I should just try harder. I say this after every interaction. Most of the time I end up feeling guilty when the conversation turns sour yet again. Maybe I should just accept that such is the mark of this relationship and endeavor to stay silent whenever I feel the stirrings of tension

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