Dance Like No One’s Watching

I’ve been taking random dance lessons over the past seven months of the pandemic. It has been a fun way to workout. But more than that, I love the idea of simply dancing without having people around to watch you. I am a frustrated dancer who was told while growing up that my body was too stiff to dance. This must have been planted into my subconscious that even as I love to dance I always feel that I will never be great at it.

Dancing in my room has been so exhilarating. It has allowed me to not worry much about how my movements look, about what I am wearing (or not wearing) or whether I am doing it correctly. The moment I catch myself thinking too much about there’s things, the fun volume lowers down a notch. But then I begin again as if no one’s watching, not even myself.

A recent reading reminded me of the magic that comes out of doing things for their own sake. When you simply do things without caring much about the outcome , when you do not worry about how it will be perceived nor do you fret if you are doing it right- such are acts of pure creation and creativity. It is during these moments that the best work shines through. Dancing n my room has taught me this too. So let’s dance!

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