Abundance Amidst Uncertainty

It is easy to feel burdened when a lot of things are uncertain. Our natural tendency as human beings is to succumb to fight or flight is whenever we find ourselves in this state. We feel that we have to hold back from giving freely and fully. There is a certain tightness and stinginess because we believe we do not have enough.

But there is a different way of being, an alternative response that springs from a well of abundance. It is one that calls for generosity. It fills us with a curious sense that we have all that we need and perhaps even more. It calls us to give value first in every interaction we find ourselves in. This openness in turn opens up the universe to set the gears that we need in motion. Perhaps it is about right timing but I would like to see it more as alignment by being present in the world.

I have seen this in action as I entered the first work week of the year. I had to constantly remind myself to let go of the feeling of tightness as I start a personal consultancy practice for the first time. I am a newbie all over again, figuring out this new game. My default would be to tread carefully and tentatively. But perhaps the years of experience and age have given me a bit more confidence to speak to more people about what I am set to do even as a lot of details have yet to be clarified. I also find myself offering to help first and giving value before asking for anything. It is a much better stance. It is one that gives me joy and a genuine sense that things will be alright.

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